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Halong Bay is one of Mother Earth’s most amazing natural wonders and one of Vietnam’s most prized treasures. A comfortable 3 hours drive from Hanoi, Halong Bay is in Northeastern Vietnam on the shores of the Gulf of Tonkin. The bay is dominated by more than 1,600 limestone karsts and islets which rise out of the waters of the bay to heights of up...


Day 1: Hanoi - Halong Bay (L,D)
07h45:  Pick-up at hotel and start the trip of from 3.5 hours to 4 hours  to Halong Bay with a 20 - 25 minute - short break on half way.

12h30: Arrive to Tuan Chau Marina – Halong city, transfer by tender & get in Golden Bay Cruise, enjoy welcome drinks.

13h30: Check in your cabin, enjoy a real Vietnamese lunch while cruising through the fairy land of  Halong Bay, cruising through the hundreds of amazing rocks, and passing by the Stone Dog Islet, Stone Dog Islet, Incense Burner, Islet...

15h00: Explore Sung Sot cave – one of the most beautifull caves of Ha Long Bay.

16h00: Visiting Titop Island for swimming, hiking, taking a photo on top. Ti Top Island does not only possess breath taking romantic landscapes, but also has a heavenly beautiful beach called Ti Top which is perfect for any beach activity..

17h00: Back to the Golden Bay Cruise for refresh and relaxing, joining in our  Sunset Party (with free wine and fresh fruits).

19h00: Buffet dinner will be served at restaurant on sencond floor in a romantic atmosphere. 

20h30: Joining some games, squid fishing (optional), karaoke, dancing… with free Draught beer in about 1 hour about 20 litter

Overnight on boat: clean air – conditioned rooms with private washroom. 

Day 2: Halong Bay – Hanoi (B,L) 
07h00: Breakfast, coffee and tea served in Western Style 

07h30: You will visit the fishing village where cultured pearls or Kayaking 

08h00: Come back to Golden Bay cruise and check out.

10h00: Join in the Cooking Class (teaching you how to make our specifically, Spring rolls)

11h00: Vietnamese Lunch will be served while cruising back to Tuan Chau Marina

12h15: Disembark at the harbor, Ha Long city. Take our shuttle bus to return to Hanoi. 

17h00: Arrive to Hanoi – drop off at your hotel – end of tour.

Note: Swimming, hiking Titop island, kayaking can be on the First day or the second day due to the reason and our choise. If the weather is too bad, they may be cancelled. Especially, in the winter, visiting the fishing village where cultured pearls will be instead of swimming on Titop Island due to our choise.

Menu Golden Bay

Bữa trưa ngày 1 - Lunch 1
  • Welcome drink: Nước hoa quả,trà,…(Tea, juice,..)
  • Salad dưa chuột cà chua (Cucumber salad)
  • Thịt gà xào nấm (Chicken fried with mushroom)
  • Cá hấp xì dầu (Fish cooked with sauce)
  • Basa chiên xù (Basa Fried)
  • Ngao hấp (Clam cooked Lemongrass)
  • Đậu sốt Tứ Xuyên (Mapo tofu)
  • Súp gà (Chicken soup)
  • Rau cải xào nấm (Fried cabbage with mushroom)
  • Cơm tám trắng (Rice)
  • Hoa Quả các loại (theo mùa) (Seasonal fruit)
  • Sunset party: Rượu vang, hoa quả (Wine and fruit)

Bữa tối ngày 1 - Dinner 1 
  • Súp hải sản (gà,rau, ngô,…) (Seafood soup with chicken, corn,..)
  • Salad bắp cải tím (Red cabbage salad)
  • Salad đu đủ ( Papaya salad )
  • Gà Cari ( Cari Chicken )
  • Nem cuốn ( Fresh Spring)
  • Cá sốt cà chua ( Fish Cooked with tomato)
  • Mực xào cần tỏi (Fried squid with celery and garlic)
  • Thịt xiên nướng cà rốt hành tây ( Meat with carrot, onion)
  • Cơm rang hải sản (Fried rice with seafood)
  • Mì xào ( Fried Noodle )
  • Bánh mì sốt cà chua ( Break with tomato )
  • Hoa quả các loại ( theo mùa) (Seasonal fruit)

Bữa trưa ngày 2 - Lunch 2
  • Salad củ đậu (Jimaca/Yam bean salad)
  • Thịt xào hành nấm  (Meat fried with mushroom)
  • Nem rán (Spring rolls)
  • Gà chiên ( Fried Chicken )
  • Chả cá ( Fried Fish )
  • Khoai tây chiên (French fried)
  • Rau xào theo mùa (Seasonal fried vegetables)
  • Cơm tám trắng (Rice)
  • Hoa quả các loại( theo mùa) (Seasonal fruit)

Bữa Sáng ngày - Breakfast
  • Bánh mì 
  • Bơ + mứt (Bread with jam and butter)
  • Salad dưa chuột cà chua (Cucumber and tomato salad)
  • Trứng ốp la (Omelette)
  • Hoa Quả các loại (theo mùa) (Seasonal fruit)
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