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Halong bay cruise, Vietnam cruises - Why us

We have been working for years in arranging and organizing Halong Golden Bay Cruises only and we are authorized travel agent that could work with almost cruise companies to get the best deal and best experience for you. And you just come and enjoy without worrying anything!

Why us

* Exclusive Exploration
Marina on Tuan Chau Island - Halong bay: less congested, more comfortable
At the doorstep of Halong: more time spent in the Halong bay
Different Route

* Luxury in Diversity
We believe that "3-star" has various shapes and we have designed four different categories of boats to offer a diversity of onboard experiences as well as a large variety of cruising possibilities

* World-Class standards
Highest levels of guest service
Highest standards of guest facilities
Quality control and implementation
Safety & security procedures & equipments

* Innovations
Constant evaluation of guest satisfaction followed by immediate action
Improvements of access to information / booking procedures
Ceaselees maintenance/improvements/upgrade of the facilities

Room type